Andrew Claristidge and Henri
The rule with a kid is that there is no rule

Andrew Claristige is not only a great French musician and producer (have a look at his recent project with Anthony Burrill); he is a pretty cool dad as well. Together with his son Henri, he loves hanging out in his studio, listening to music and fooling around. As Acid Washed (together with Richard D’ Alpert ) he is travelling the globe and clubs. Andrew lives in Berlin with his German wife Julie, enjoying the cities architecture as well as party scene where he has built quite a reputation.

Der Franzose Andrew Claristidge ist nicht nur ein großartiger Musiker und Produzent (hier gehts zu seinem Projekt mit Anthony Burrill), er ist auch ein ziemlich cooler Papa. Mit Sohn Henri hängt er oft in seinem Studio herum, sie hören Musik und albern rum. Als Acid Washed (mit Richard D’Alpert) reist er um die Welt und durch die Clubs, aber in Berlin ist Andrew sesshaft geworden. Er lebt mit seiner Frau Julie in einer wunderschön gestalteten Platte und liebt an Berlin die Architektur genauso wie die Partyszene, in der er sich natürlich mittlerweile einen Namen gemacht hat.

Dieses Interview ist vorerst nur auf Englisch verfügbar.


You are a French musician living in Alexanderplatz. How do you like the east?

Well I live part time in Berlin considering that I travel most of the time and I also love to stay in my house in France… But wait a minute… East? What do you mean? There is no East any more! But in the sense of living in the old East part of Berlin, yes I like it. I mean I love it. I studied art and I got passionate with Industrial Design through Jean Prouvé’s design & architecture. The urban landspace around Alexander Platz reminds a bit of Le Corbusier, Mies Van Der Rohe, also The Space Age, Retrofuturism etc.  My favorite building is maybe Café Moskau. The space around Alex is really amazing with all those yards between the buildings that are all Plattenbau. But I like Berlin in general, not only the “East”.

You travel a lot for your gigs. Have you ever taken Henri with you? Do you plan to?

It happened one time that Henri was with my wife and I for a gig. That was in Paris for a party called La Petite Couronne 2. That was a very special moment because this was the first time we travelled with Henri after getting married. We felt blessed. We stayed one week there. This was even more special because at that time we were finishing our second album with Acid Washed at the studio of Joakim, who is the owner of Tigersushi and a great DJ as well as fantastic music connoisseur

How is it to have your studio at home? Does Henri inspire you when composing?

Well it is the best way to create to have my studio at home. As soon as I have an idea I can record it fast… and do not need to go out and take my car to reach my working space. Inspiration can come anytime and it is better to catch as soon as it arrives. Henri inpires me. Definitely. Just looking at him moving or hanging out in the studio twistin’ some moves is amusing but it also gives me a fresh and naive point of view.

What’s your favorite activity with Henri ?

Bike riding, going to the park, listening to music, playing at the beach and our nap time!

What do you think your son will be like when he’s 20? Any idea?

No idea at all. If I could predict the future I guess I won’ t be here answering your questions because I would already have the answers! But like my friend Earl Harvin told me once “the rule with a kid is that there is no rule” . I hope he will succeed in what he will try to achieve.

How does your taste influence your son’s outfit?

Well… I guess for now I choose his clothes and in 20 years or even earlier he will choose them himself. So for now I choose his style according my tastes and my wife’s tastes. I try to make him look his age. I do not wanna have a mini me with the same style than me. I try to dress him with classics like Absorba, Kickers and Petit Bateau which are the ultimate classics for french kids. But I like also classic cuts like Cabans, Mini Duffle Coats etc. Stuff, I was also wearing when I was a kid. Henri is already wearing some of my baby clothes my mum kept in some boxes.

What does fashion mean to you?

Something you forgot the season after.

How was it when Henri was a new baby? Were you scared ?

Scared not really. I was wondering how it will be. When Henri was born everything was new. So I had to learn new stuff everyday. That is how life must be. Learning at least one new thing everyday.

What is the most annoying being a father?

Short time sleeping. The rest is pure pleasure.

What’s the greatest about it?

I told you: Being a dad is great! The greatest is Henri looking at me and smiling.

Thank you, Andrew!


Check out Acid Washed (Soundcloud, Twitter)  as well as his personal projects.


Andrew Claristidge and Henri (20 months), December 2013

Interview: Marie Zeisler

Pictures: Sittig Fahr-Becker